Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Extremism in the exploration of the Kuiper belt is no vice

Les Is More ...

Think about that, ladies and gentlemen – 380 degrees below zero and we are spending $650 million of our taxpayers dollars so we can fly by Pluto at 30,000 miles per hour!

And if this seems to you to be a ultimate folly of colossal waste, consider the following additional opportunity for NASA extremist exploration:

If the New Horizons spacecraft remains in good condition and additional funding becomes available, the spacecraft will be aimed toward one or two "Kuiper Belt objects," mysterious icy worlds which can barely be seen in the largest Earth-based telescopes. Mr. Stern called the Kuiper Belt "the largest structure in our solar system, dotted with almost a half-million worlds and worldlets that are 4 billion years old."

Think about that, too! And multiply 500,000 worlds (and worldlets) times $650,000,000. That equals $325 trillion!

Shouldn't that be $650 million x 500,000 worlds x -380 degrees x 30,000 miles per hour, equaling -$3705000000000000000000 degrees miles worlds/hour? That's an even bigger number!

That much money simply doesn't exist. I don't think 100 billion is even a number. It's like saying I want a kajillion bajillion dollars.