Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beyond belief

Some of the best minds of our generation met in La Jolla a week ago to discuss replacing religion with science. I can see the appeal - I'd rather live in the 21st century than the 9th - but I have little confidence that scientists are wiser than priests, rabbis, or imams. I'm sympathetic to the views of Lawrence Krauss:

"The presumption here was that any effort to respect the existence of faith is a bad thing," he told New Scientist. "Philosophically I'm in complete agreement, but it's not a scientific statement, and I've seen how offensive it is when scientists say 'I can tell you what you have to think'. They make people more afraid of science. It's inappropriate, and it's certainly not effective."


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Hi Luke - I know this is a sort-of-old post by you but I ust came across it. As an agnostic, I also agree with Krauss' position. R. Dawkins is a brilliant scientists and writer (check out "The Ancestor's Tale", very nice book!), but I doubt that his militant atheist views will win over many religious people.


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