Thursday, December 07, 2006

Today's 11 AM London weather: Cloudy with a chance of being snatched by gobblers

from Bloomberg: The strongest tornado to hit London in more than half a century touched down in Kensal Rise, a neighborhood in the U.K. capital's northwest, injuring at least six people and damaging buildings with winds of as much as 130 miles an hour (210 kilometers).

The tornado was ``severe'' said Terence Meaden, deputy director of the U.K.'s Tornado and Storm Research Organization. Witnesses said the sky went dark, lightning flashed and a powerful blast of wind tore through the area at about 11 a.m. local time today.

The tornado was classified T4 on an intensity scale that runs from T0 to T10, said Meaden.... Judging by television footage, today's tornado appeared to have been in contact with the ground for about two minutes, causing damage across a pathway as long as a mile and as wide as 200 yards, he said.