Friday, January 12, 2001

An article about a week-long slog in the jungle south of Iquitos, Perú appears in the January 2001 issue of Outside magazine. The author and his guide didn't pack in any food, so the tastiest meal they had consisted of a single grub. "O Sting, where is thy death?" reflected author Robert Earle Howells as he regretted the romantic view of the rainforest promulgated by the publicity-hound former frontman of the Police.
11 new distant satellites of Jupiter were found by David Jewitt's group in 2000. One was actually a rediscovery of a moon glimpsed in 1975. The IAU Circular describing the 10 new new moons is here. Spacewatch found another jovian irregular in 1999.

The current count of known natural satellites of the planets:

Mercury: 0
Venus: 0
Earth: 1
Mars: 2
Jupiter: 28
Saturn: 30
Uranus: 21
Neptune: 8
Pluto: 1