Friday, November 14, 2003

Number of known natural satellites in the Solar System from Scott Sheppard's web site: 136
An article in the International Herald Tribune on August 12, 2003 contains quotes from some of the discoverers.

When I was in high school, the number known was 31. Most of the 136 are irregular satellites discovered from the Earth within the last few years. On June 11, 2004, Saturn's moon Phoebe
will be the first irregular satellite to be observed during a close flyby by the Cassini spacecraft about three weeks before it goes into orbit around Saturn. David Seal did some cool paintings of what Saturn might look like from four of its moons, including Phoebe.
Joey is next to me doing computer. He's looking at the Rokenbok web site. They are really neat, but they cost a fortune.
I was just down in the Basement of Doom of our house. It is filled with boxes and boxes of magazines - Nature, Science, computer magazines, random magazines I picked up at the Longmont library, probably a thousand books, Joey's trains, an air hockey table covered with junk, a scanner and printer that have never come out of their box .... In my next life, I hope I'm not a packrat. Sometimes I feel like throwing everything away, but in the middle of the mess I found my mother's high school diploma- Wausau High '52. She would have been 69 years old tomorrow.
Boy, it's been a long time! Yesterday I finished revising a review article on the dynamics and formation of the Oort cloud for the Comets 2 book. The editors originally wanted this article a year ago. I will send in the final version next week.