Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fair and balanced

Brian at Iowa Voice explains what the election results mean:
  • aid and comfort to the enemy
  • amnesty
  • defeat and retreat
  • economy into the crapper
  • extreme political correctness
  • inevitable recession
  • massive investigations
  • multi-culturalism
  • obstruct everything
  • open borders beyond belief
  • pandering to Islamic extremists
  • socialized medicine
Yup, that's pretty much everything we Democrats are hoping for, although he forgot fetus harvesting for spare parts.

[Links from Daou Report]

UPDATE: Here's our real agenda. Don't say we didn't warn you.

San Francisco values

Amazingly, the Democrats held on and won the House. The Senate is still in reach, with the Virginia and Montana races too close to call. I'm still not clear on why Jim Webb is running as a Democrat, although I do like the term Redneck Bar Mitzvah for the ritual of sending your teenaged son off to war.

In other news, Bitch Ph.D. has the best post of the month. I really thought I was coming to a better land when we headed to London for nine months, but, although the grass is greener here, I'll be happy to return to the USA.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Midnght at L'Oasis

Last night I attended a fun dinner. I thought we'd be doing this a lot, but we've found it hard to meet people on campus. The dinner was for the "planet builder" candidates for a junior faculty job. I know three of the candidates. I got to hang out with one of them and his girlfriend before dinner, and sat next to another during the meal. The university paid for dinner and the head of school and his assistant plied us with drinks. I thought it was about 10 pm when we left, so I was shocked that it was 11:40 when I walked in the door of our flat. Christine and Joey were faithfully awaiting me.